A reference to a code defined by a terminology system.


The code defines the meaning of the Coding. The system provides the source of the code's definition, along with an optional version reference. The display is a human display for the text defined by the system - it is not intended for computation.




systemuri0..1The identification of the code system that defines the meaning of the symbol in the code.
versionsymbol0..1The version of the code system which was used when choosing this code.
codecode0..1A symbol in syntax defined by the system. The symbol may be a predefined code or an expression in a syntax defined by the coding system (e.g. post-coordination).
displaysymbol0..1A representation of the meaning of the code in the system, following the rules of the system.
  "system": "<uri>",
  "version": "<symbol>",
  "code": "<code>",
  "display": "<symbol>"