Details for all kinds of technology-mediated contact points for a person or organization, including telephone, email, etc.


If capturing a phone, fax or similar contact point, the value should be a properly formatted telephone number according to ITU-T E.123.




systemcode0..1Telecommunications form for contact point - what communications system is required to make use of the contact.

Available values are:
- phone: Telephone number used for voice calls.
- fax: Fax machine number.
- email: Email address.
- pager: Pager number.
- url: A contact that is not a phone, fax, pager or email address and is expressed as a URL. This is intended for various institutional or personal contacts including websites or social media.
- sms: A contact that can be used for sending SMS messages.
- other: A contact that is not a phone, fax, page or email address and is not expressible as a URL.
valuesymbol0..1The actual contact point details, in a form that is meaningful to the designated communication system (i.e. phone number or email address).
usecode0..1Identifies the purpose of the contact point.

Proposed values are:
- home: A communication contact point at a home. Attempted contacts for business purposes might intrude on privacy and chances are one will contact family or other household members instead of the person one wishes to call. Typically used with urgent cases, or if no other contacts are available.
- work: An office contact point. First choice for business-related contacts during business hours.
- temp: A temporary contact point. The period can provide more detailed information.
- old: This contact point is no longer in use (or was never correct, but retained for records).
- mobile: A telecommunication device that moves and stays with its owner.
rankinteger0..1Specify preferred order of use (1 = highest).
periodperiod0..1Time period when the contact point was/is in use.
  "system": "<code>",
  "value": "<symbol>",
  "use": "<code>",
  "rank": <integer>,
  "period": { Period }