What is Clinia?

Healthcare organizations and the technology platforms that power them produce an astronomical amount of data every day. Historically, as systems evolve and new applications or functionality are added, data is often stored on different storage solutions or uses different standards. By default, this creates the conditions for fragmented solutions and siloed data, with inconsistent systems and low confidence that the data being accessed is the correct and up-to-date information.

Creating a source of truth for health data across the entire organization is only half the challenge. Making it easy and efficient for users to surface the right response or resource through a trusted search experience is integral for unlocking the value of your data and enabling patients to access clinicians and care teams, and clinicians and care teams to efficiently and effectively deliver care. This combination of unified, trusted data and a search built for health is what the Clinia Platform is built and optimized for.

What does Clinia do?

Clinia is a health search platform that provides efficient, flexible, and unified data management combined with a personalized health-grade search for deployment inside your applications and experiences. It ensures your teams, providers, members and patients can find the most up-to-date, relevant and trusted information, right when it's needed most.

Clinia's technology consists of two main functions based on the specific use case: Data Management and Search Experience. Due to its modular design, organizations have the flexibility to utilize specific infrastructure module(s) necessary to meet their unique needs and support their intended use case.

Data Management

The Data Management infrastructure allows you to ingest and augment data, manage rules for automated data resolution and queue review, create a unified record of an entity and segment properties access depending on systems.

One example of implementation would be to power a Provider Registry, combining multiple Data Source to build an approved, unified view of health resources across teams, departments and business units. Care teams can then use the Management UI to view or manage data in real-time, based on granular access permissions.

Search Experience

Clinia's Health Taxonomy provides an unmatched search experience

Clinia's Health Taxonomy provides an unmatched search experience

Once you have configured your data, you can configure the Clinia Search API and embed it into your application or experience. This will allow your approved users to surface and access your managed data, and when using the Health-grade Search API, interpret a natural language query and personalize the results based on the individual user.

One example of implementation would be to power a payer member portal or telehealth application, where users can search for in-network providers or find approved health information (journals, articles, etc) from within your organization. The search experience enables rapid implementation of curated and personalized health navigation experiences into your specific ecosystem.

Typically there are two types of search experiences our clients deploy:

  • Patient-side experiences: Users find and access the right resource at the right time.
  • Provider-side experiences: Care teams find & access a resource, often for a patient

Finding the right information at the right time is paramount for timely and efficient care delivery.

What’s Next

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