A reference to another resource, internal or external to the system.


The reference type contains at least one of a reference (literal reference), an identifier (logical reference), and a display (text description of target). In addition, it may contain a target type.

Literal Reference

Use literal references when the system is able to identify and resolve a resource using an absolute URL.

Logical Reference

Use logical references when you know the identifier for the target reference, without being able to provide a literal reference to the resource.




referencesymbol0..1Literal reference, Relative, internal or absolute URL.
typeuri0..1Type the reference refers to - usually a resource type.
identifieridentifier0..1Logical reference, when literal reference is not known.
displaysymbol0..1Text alternative for the resource.
  "reference": "<symbol>",
  "type": "<uri>",
  "identifier": { Identifier },
  "display": "<symbol>"