Clinia Registry offers a plug-and-play data source that you can easily create from our Data Catalog. Once you've set it up, the Registry provides a powerful API to manage its schema, allowing you to define profiles and relationship definitions effortlessly. With the schema in place, you can start creating resources and relationships within the Registry.


A Resource is an entity with a distinct identity, a clear type as defined by profiles, and a structured set of data items outlined by the profile.

Contained Resource

A contained resource is used when there is a need to reference another resource, but the target resource does not have any independence from the referencing resource. It is a nested resource that lives solely in the context of its parent resource.


A Relationship indicates an association between two resources. In the Clinia Registry, relationships can have their own properties, with unique data types and validation rules, adding a new dimension to your data modelling.


A Profile is your blueprint for structuring specific types of resources. It defines a resource's properties, including their Data Types and attached validation rules.

Contained Profile

Similarly to a Profile, it is the blueprint for structuring a contained resource.

Relationship Definition

A Relationship Definition is the blueprint for structuring a specific type of relationship. It sets what profiles are targeted by the relationships and if the association exists as a one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many relationship. It also holds the definition for the properties, their Data Types and validation rules attached to this type of relationship