Create a Data Source

Once you are ready to ingest data, creating a data source is the first step of the pipeline.

Data sources offer a synchronization mechanism between your data and the Clinia infrastructure.


The only current Synchronization mechanism available out-of-the-box is via API push.


  • Each one of the data sources (Database, File, API, ...), and schema version that you want to send to Clinia will require its own Data Source configuration.
  • Choose a unique key for your new data source to avoid conflict with existing data sources, and specify its type.
  • Clinia's infrastructure only supports the API push synchronization method out-of-the-box, where your systems notify new or modified records to Clinia.
  • Each data source also needs to be configured with data profiles (See Managing Profiles). Those are used to define the schema of the records that will be ingested (ex: Patient Profile, Health Facility, Provider Profile,...).

The currently available types of data sources are:

Once you are ready, follow this recipe to create your first Data Source:


For more Data Source endpoint references (Fetch, Delete, ...), see our Data Source API documentation.

What’s Next

Once your Data Source is created, you ca create the profile describing your data schema